– Managed WordPress Platform

Built with Open Source – Trellis

We’ve been working on a project called which is built with the open source software Trellis by allows you to quickly install a WordPress site on AWS Lightsail and other VPS providers.

You can quickly and easily manage all of your sites from a single dashboard. Plus, it will take care of the routine maintenance of updates and daily backups for you. We give you tools to create a “Snapshot” of a site to use as a template for creating other sites.

What is Trellis WordPress LEMP Stack?

WordPress development and production servers done right

You will get all of the benefits that Trellis has to offer in provisioning a server that is optimized for WordPress. In addition, it will set up the SSL for you thanks to Let’s Encrypt which will give you a secure site. They will also install an automatic renew script to make sure the SSL certificate remains up-to-date.

How to Get Started?

We’re setting up our membership services and you can sign up today with our secure payment form here. We will be offering additional membership services and content to better serve our customers as we go. Email us if you have any questions or requests.

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