WP Jump Start

WP Jump StartWP Jump Start is a theme framework that allows you to build a custom WordPress themes without having to touch the code as much as you may have been use to in the past. With using child themes and custom theme options, you can quickly designate a base theme to customize with branding details and more. That way you can manage less plugins while having all of the features you’d expect to have.

However, if you want to hook into the base theme and modify a specific area, you can make use of the action hooks within the child theme. There’s also plenty of ThemeBlvd framework resources to help you learn more ways to extend your child theme.

After trying several popular theme frameworks, there was a challenge between having to learn all of the ways to modify those themes whilst giving the end user more control of the content. With WP Jump Start you can quickly build content with an easy to use builder tool that has many common elements that you’d need. The ability to also create sidebars and widget areas for specific levels of content also provides an easy path to modifying various sections of a given site.

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